March 2021

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Proudly playing Fender Telecaster , Fender  B- Benders  , Emmons   Pedal Steel Guitars, Taylor  Ac guitars, Gold Tone Dobro / Slide  


                                                              Located in Charlotte North Carolina

                                                             Available for East Coast Tours and local bookings, please contact me direct at   


                                                             Country, Bluegrass, Blues, Rock and Roll, Americana, Original artists material


                                                              Pedal Steel, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Dobro, vocals, harmony vocals

                                                              Sessions and E-Sessions , arranging and producing



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                                          5 song Gospel project now available  >   by email  $6 , tracks included 


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                                         All instruments,  arranging and recording by T Prior at the Rumble Room Pro Tools 12 Home Studio


                                          Songs:  ( click on link to listen)   4  Steel Guitar Instrumentals   1 Vocal Family Bible , featuring Bonnie Prior 


                                           Family Bible        I'll Flyaway    In The Garden   Amazing Grace    How Great Thou Art







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                                                       Steel Guitar TAB/CD Programs and Music Tracks without TAB

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                                                                Learn by TAB  and Practice Steel Guitar to tracks  

                                                                TAB Projects include full written TAB and  music tracks with Steel and without Steel


                                                                Music tracks ONLY include track with Steel and track without Steel -NO TAB


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                   All tracks recorded in  my  Pro Tools 12 Home Studio , The Rumble Room.  Combination of REAL Instruments and software programming .

                   Currently playing Emmons and Sho Bud Pedal Steel Guitars ,Fender Electric Bass , Fender Telecasters ,Taylor Acoustic Guitars and Gold Tone Dobro





Acoustic original music  here >  Rumble Room Audio

All tracks recorded at the Rumble Room Pro Tools Home studio

individual songs available for download at CDbaby




      Sessions , E Sessions ( internet ) , Artist Demo production available (Pro-Tools)

   Add  Pedal Steel, Telecaster ,Les Paul , Acoustic Guitars, Dobro,  Electric Bass  to your project

     Bringing well over 40 years of experience forward….Country, Rock, Blues, Americana, Folk…

·        Available for local sessions ( Charlotte NC area)

·        Pro Tools 12   

·        Full track production / song production available.  Demo’s, Karaoke , Performance, Hobby , Personal

·        Tracks transferred as wav, mono or stereo or MP3 if rquested

·        I will set up an FTP download link for easy instant access to completed track files , only YOU have access.

    Please contact me directly for additional details.    Contact:


Pedal Steel Guitar Instructional CD/TAB Projects

Projects Overview     


Workin' Man Blues    YouTube  LINK

Workin' Man Blues  CD/Tab project .  Project includes 3 Pedal Steel solo's, two performance and rhythm tracks, 96 BPM and 106 BPM, full tab and 3 discussion tracks included. Key of A.    Listen here    Program uses AB pedals, Bb lever , E Raise, E Lower and 2nd String Lower.  3 Solo's, one traditional right out of the Haggard school of licks and two not so traditional that will keep you on your toes.


* Licensed, used with permission, written by Merle Haggard


Silver Wings  mp3 E9th     YouTube

This is the Merle Haggard tune done on E9th in the key of F ,one of my favorites. Uses AB pedals, E raise, E lower, X Lever ( lowers B) , 9th string lower, first string raise, 2nd string full tone lower and does have a Franklin pedal phrase which is optional. I especially like this song as it really gives the player the opportunity to work around the melody without loosing the song. The second Steel Guitar solo offers a nice example of the power of strings 5 and 8 once again.  The project covers multiple elements of this popular song. Project includes Full tab, Performance track, backing track and discussion track. License fees paid, song used with permission.


Honky Tonk  part 1 mp3  C6th Blues  

The famous Bill Doggett 50's rock classic that made us all run out and buy a guitar ! This one stays very close to what we play on the 6 string with a few variations as well as a contemporary Steel Guitar solo following the Lead Guitar solo. Played in E , this project includes full tab, performance track, backing track and discussion track. Don't let those guitar players steal the show, they are not the only ones with the power !  License fees paid, song used with permission.



Previous projects

 Sound file E9th        MP3 I'm So Lonesome I could Cry                                 YouTube Video

 Sound file E9th        MP3 I can't help it if I'm still  in love with you               YouTube Video  

 Both of these songs are an introduction to the use of the Modern Pulls, The Franklin Pedal,( lower 10,6 and 5 , the 9th lower, the 1 Raise , the 2nd  full tone lower  and the X lever ( Bb) and show them used in a traditional song setting. Both songs also use the E Raise and E lower levers extensively.

My feeling has always been  that using phrases with the modern pulls in a SONG environment  is way better than talking about them or learning a few licks here and there.

Both projects will offer full tab, CD with performance and backup track as well as a talking session discussing the songs and the changes.   note: License fees paid, songs used with permission.

You can't get  more traditional than  Hank Sr. songs, but you can add a few modern twists to them.

My teaching format has always been start basic and simple , play the melody first, get comfortable with the basic verse, then  expand from there. With the addition  of discussion tracks on  the latest projects  I have changed my CD/TAB format into a Steel guitar lesson. Each Project is specifically arranged for the Steel Guitar , the Drum track, the Bass lines, the rhythm parts, all specifically  arranged with the Steel Guitar Melody and Solo's in mind.





REAL Money to  T Prior, 2241 Wedgewood Drive  Matthews NC 28104





YouTube Video

Wonderful Tonight

Rocky Top

Speed Pickin' for Hacks part 1

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Free Speed Pickin' Tab

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Sound file  played over Rocky Top

ascending tab

descending tab

Good luck !



A few photo's


Onstage jamming at Roberts in Nashville

In Nashville at 3rd and Lindsleys

David Spires, Paul Franklin and me



There's me back around '85 or so on the Sho-Bud and then there's my wife Bonnie (the good looking one) and I somewhere around '85 or '86.  She still looks exactly the same,  I don't. 

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